What to expect...

Let me guess you hate your photo being taken? Or you think its super weird to have your photos taken in the first place? Worried that your toddler will focus in on the camera lense and just give me side eye the whole time? Its ok! 

I take a relaxed approach to our session. If you have a particular vision in mind then share it! I'll help you bring that vision to life...or at least capture it in a photograph. I'll give you hints and prompts but not force anything that you aren't comfortable with. I'll keep props to a minimum unless you have something close to your heart that you want to highlight. I want the focus to be on you! If you don't want to go outside that is no problem, I have a pop up studio!

When you meet me you'll just see that I'm a normal 20 something year old trying to make life work. I am also incredibly short and if you really aren't comfortable I can even tell you a really embarrassing story!

Hints and Tips


- If you're sick, your child's hamster escaped or something has cropped up its perfectly ok! Just let me know as soon as possible!

- Try to coordinate clothing without matching, no bright colours or distracting patterns, we want the focus to be on you!

- Snacks. Bribes. Treats. 

- I will bring a bag for anything you no longer want to carry if we are out and about, you shouldn't have to worry about that hat or coat!

- Bring entertainment for littles! 

- Check you haven't got breakfast, lunch or dinner in your teeth and check your fingernails!

- Wet wipes.

- Have a really bad joke to tell your partner to lighten the mood... I'm talking dad joke level of bad!

- Remember to have fun!